HeartBeat automatically reaches your families, friends and co-workers and inform them your location at a disaster.

People you love are not necessarily on social networks. At the time when the earthquake in northeast Japan happened, social networks worked as emergency contacts. BUT were people you wanted to be in touch with was first on social network?

Mobile phones were cut off and lines were overflowed due to the high demand of calls from all over the world checking for the safety of relatives and friends. As a result, this cause a major traffic jam in telephone network.

However, connections to the internet was the only communication that was still working. This was the only helpful tool that people were able to communicate with their love ones and ones that in need. This made a huge impact in saving people lives and knowing that your relatives and friends are safe.

With radio towers and mobile phones relied on their temporary batteries, we don't have time to choose which network we will use to contact. Heartbeat works as a emergency contact and offers you an instant connection with people in this kind disaster situation where you can find out your relative or friends safety or via versa from home, work or abroad, anywhere around the world. Download Heartbeat and pinpoint your relatives or friends to make a difference!